From: $150.00



Located in the 50-amp campground (Row A) on the corner overlooking the 30-amp
campground. See “50-AMP Campground Map” for further detail for the location.
*A1 Mobile Home- $150.00 Per Night (sleeps 10 with 1 full bath) There is only one “A1 Mobile Home”
on the property. The A1 Mobile Home is an accommodation with 1 bedroom that has a single set of full-
size bunk beds and a single set of twin bunk beds, in the main living space there are 2 more sets of twin-
size bunk beds. Equipped with microwave and refrigerator, in a small kitchen type area (having a kitchen
sink & countertop), a full bath (stand in shower, commode, and sink), air conditioning and heaters are
installed during the winter months. The front porch is a wonderful place to sit a watch as people ride by
enjoying themselves.
* 2 nights minimum. And CU can’t book unless there is more than 1 day selected on the calendar.